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Accountants strike a pose

Meet the CVW Accounting team

Some would say accountants are bland or boring, but those people haven’t met the CVW Accounting team.

Yes, as accountants Stephen, Mark and Ami – as well as admin/bookkeeping star Jo – love what they do which involves figures, numbers, financials, problem solving – we could go on and on.

What some may not realise is accountants, especially CVW Accountants like to have fun too! Yes, really!!

Recently the team took time out of their day to primp and preen, comb and adjust so they could shine in the spotlight and as Madonna put it ‘strike a pose!’

Why you ask?

Proactive East Perth Accountants

Like most business owners realise, today’s competitive market means it’s important if not vital to maintain an up-to-date, relevant and consistent online presence to establish and retain visibility and credibility.

CVW Accounting regularly update website content from interesting blogs, thorough details about the services provided and relevant images.

Thus, Perth photographer Jake from Sharpshooter Imaging arrived at the CVW Group offices with gear in tow to take new profile and team photos.

It was an exciting and fun morning.

Jake set up a mini studio in one of the meeting rooms in order to capture the faces and personalities of the CVW Accounting brand.

One-by-one the team smiled and posed until their faces hurt. Group photos, office photos and some ‘fun’ photos were also taken.

It wasn’t a painful process at all – okay maybe there was a little bit of cringing in there – however the results were impressive.

Natural and professional images for the website and social media platforms.

Lucky the CVW Accounting team are so pretty, handsome, attractive… Oh, stop it Steve!

A big thank you to Jake for making the team feel at ease in front of the camera and capturing the images so well.

Check out some of the behind the scene shots below.

CVW Accounting Stephen Vining CVW Accounting Stephen Vining CVW Accounting Jo Erhard CVW Accounting Jo Erhard CVW Accounting Ami Xu CVW Accounting Ami Xu CVW Accounting Mark Chong CVW Accounting Mark Chong1


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Meet the CVW Accounting team


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