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November 2021 thumbnail

November 2021


Inside this month’s newsletter, find out about the process, timing, and issues for setting up a Director ID under the new Director Identification Number regime that came into effect on 1 November. Also, read about the latest guidance from the ATO about investing in blockchain.

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October 2021 thumbnail

October 2021


Find out details of the national plan for unwinding COVID-19 relief, state by state and we address the question of what happens to your superannuation when you die. Also, superannuation rule changes when recruiting new employees. All this inside this month’s newsletter.

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September 2021 thumbnail

September 2021


Inside September’s CVW Accounting newsletter explore unwinding the pandemic plus, divorce, superannuation, and the gender divide. Lastly, is a compensation payment to your super fund a contribution?

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August 2021 thumbnail

August 2021


This month inside the CVW Accounting newsletter read about Afterpay’s $39bn sale announcement and the tax treatment of their shares. You’ll also find a lockdown support update, and succession planning tips to increase your business value. Lastly, we answer the much-asked question, are COVID-19 grants and funding tax free?

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July 2021 thumbnail

July 2021


The CVW Accounting newsletter this month features what help is available due to the current lockdowns, business in a post pandemic environment and 6 Member SMSFs – the issues and opportunities.

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June 2021 thumbnail

June 2021


This month, inside the CVW Accounting newsletter, read about ATO changes come into effect on 1 July 2021. Plus, work from home expenses under scrutiny, the perils of browsing facebook, and how insurance proceeds are taxed.

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May 2021 thumbnail

May 2021


Inside this month’s newsletter, we look at the new lifetime Director ID regime and what it will mean to existing and new directors. Also, the impending CGT exemption for granny flat arrangements. Then we tackle questions about SMSF expenses and investments that are not at arm’s length.

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April 2021 thumbnail

April 2021


This month’s newsletter features;

  • details about the impact of the 1 July 2021 indexation changes on your superannuation
  • tax treatment of JobKeeper payments handed back to ATO
  • why the profits of professional services firms – doctors, lawyers, architects, etc – are being targeted by the ATO
  • national licence recognition for tradies
  • JobMaker fails to make a dent on unemployment
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March 2021 thumbnail

March 2021


Inside this month;

  • why some businesses are voluntarily returning JobKeeper to the ATO
  • COVID-19 vaccinations and the workplace; the questions everyone is asking
  • a review of FBT with a focus on how COVID-19 has changed the ATO’s compliance approach
  • the Bain & Co research that shows the pandemic has broadened the productivity gap
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February 2021 thumbnail

February 2021


Inside this month’s newsletter;

  • the final phase of JobKeeper
  • the sole trader who won the right to access JobKeeper
  • how to sell your business
  • the new small business insolvency laws
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December 2020 thumbnail

December 2020


December 2020

Inside the final edition for the year;

  • 2021 risks and opportunities
  • Extended December JobKeeper deadlines
  • Last chance to access covid-19 early access to super
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November 2020 thumbnail

November 2020


In this month’s newsletter learn about;

  • JobMaker hiring credits: what we know so far
  • Tax deductions for investing in your business
  • Refunds for tax losses
  • Tax table reminder
  • JobKeeper clawback begins
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October 2020 thumbnail

October 2020


October 2020

Inside the October newsletter find out about;

  • JobKeeper: the next steps
  • Preventing a tsunami of insolvencies
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September Newsletter thumbnail

September Newsletter


In the September edition;

  • has covid-19 devalued your business?
  • Jobkeeper alert
  • tax on covid-19 grants
  • forecasting during a pandemic
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August 2020 Newsletter thumbnail

August 2020 Newsletter


This month’s newsletter features;

  • JobKeeper help for businesses and individuals
  • covid-19 and your SMSF
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July 2020 Newsletter thumbnail

July 2020 Newsletter


Inside this month:

  • The ATO on COVID-19 fraud warpath including 3 million individuals in data matching program
  • Funding for the arts: what’s available and how you can get it
  • Increased flexibility for Parental Leave Pay
  • Minimum wage increases by 1.75%
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June 2020 Newsletter thumbnail

June 2020 Newsletter


Inside the June newsletter find out;

  • Have casual workers been granted annual leave?
  • The ATO’s JobKeeper audit targets PLUS
    • The JobKeeper estimates error
    • The ATO’s JobKeeper targets
    • Low risk scenarios
    • What happens if you got it wrong?
    • Manage your JobKeeper compliance
  • What’s changing on 1 July?
  • 1 July Company Tax Rate Reduction
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May 2020 COVID-19 Stimulus & Support Measures Guide thumbnail

May 2020 COVID-19 Stimulus & Support Measures Guide


Instead of the usual CVW Accounting newsletter, here is a comprehensive guide to the COVID-19 Stimulus & Support Measures. The guide covers measures for:

  • business
  • individuals
  • superannuation
  • compliance
  • financing support, and
  • state and territory initiatives like payroll tax.
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March 2020 Newsletter thumbnail

March 2020 Newsletter


In this month’s edition of the CVW Accounting Newsletter read about;

  • Coronavirus and beyond:
    • business continuity planning
    • protecting your workplace and your customers
    • managing health costs
    • travel restrictions
  • Fringe Benefit Tax hot spots
  • Super guarantee amnesty: now is the time to get payroll right
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February 2020 Newsletter thumbnail

February 2020 Newsletter


The February edition of the CVW Accounting Newsletter includes;

  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and the family home: expats and foreigners excluded from tax exemption
  • Bushfire support and assistance
  • Alerts to protect Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) from fraud
  • ATO targets ‘lifestyle’ assets
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December 2019 Newsletter thumbnail

December 2019 Newsletter


Inside the December 2019 edition of the CVW Accounting Newsletter read about;

  • Australia embraces Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • 5 things that will make or break your business’s Christmas
  • Bushfire relief from ATO obligations
  • Super guarantee opt-out for employees with multiple employers
  • The super guarantee timing trap for employers
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November 2019 Newsletter thumbnail

November 2019 Newsletter


Inside this edition of the CVW Accounting November 2019 Newsletter find out more about;

  • Capital Gains Tax and the family home: expats and foreigners targeted
  • Vacant land deduction changes passed through Parliament in October 2019
  • Calculating super guarantee: the new rule
  • Can the ATO take money out of your account? Your right to know
  • Are you paying your staff correctly?
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