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Advice about growth strategies is distinct from risk management however, consideration of both are imperative.

It is important that growth is well planned for and comprehensively developed, to make sure the business has synergies and capabilities to achieve the planned growth. Growth strategies must compliment the owners’ overall business aim.

Our growth strategy services and advice include;

  • Business Restructuring – for the current business circumstance or for future growth and aspirations.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – valuable tools to expand or grow your business at a faster rate.
  • Divestments – necessary when your current business structure needs to be separated due to various reasons or circumstances. This is a detailed process that requires agreement by all parties and review by independent third parties. We guide clients through this process.
  • Minimising Risk to Shareholders – we ensure all aspects are considered.
  • Maximising shareholding valuations – we utilise in-depth tools to ascertain business specific valuations.


All businesses need to reconcile their financing commitments and requirements to their business growth. It makes no sense for example to take a $1K loan over one year because terms of a financial loan need to be matched to business growth. We represent clients in negotiations with lending institutions to achieve the desired outcomes.

It is essential that security for the lending be matched to the business only, not to your house or personal investments.

CVW Accounting financial negotiation services include;

  • Negotiations – we provide advice and support as well as represent clients during negotiation procedures with buyers, sellers and financiers.
  • Contract Review (financial aspects)
  • Mediation on disputes
  • Alternative solutions – if you find yourself in a negotiation, it’s important to consider all the options available based on your circumstances. However, if you need assistance, we are experienced in financial negotiations with and on behalf of clients. Drop in for an obligation free chat.


Consider sitting down with us at CVW Accounting to discuss the ideal structure for your business. Our focus is to ensure your business is structured for growth for its current operations and to provide risk protection and flexibility for the owners.

Our share and financial structures services include;

  • Share valuations – firstly this includes comprehensive documented analysis and as well as alternative business models for consideration.
  • Share buy backs – when it comes to partial or whole share buy backs it’s important to set a timeline for completing the process.
  • Loan restructuring – when is the right time to restructure a loan to maximise the taxation effect and reconcile to your business model? Chat to us about this.
  • Debt restructures – relevant advice about debt restructuring and what needs to be considered for owner protection and protecting cashflow.
  • Insurance requirements – to ensure insurance is adequate in borrowing agreement terms and amount i.e. coverage is provided for the period required and terms are tailored to the business and individual requirements.
  • In specie distribution –
  • useful when there is a need to consolidate businesses by swapping shares around. If you have questions, contact us.


Succession planning is an all-encompassing perspective and process to cover options that achieve the best result for value and timeliness.

We provide the following succession planning services;

  • Shareholder protection – this relates to creating a gradual process. This is created so the value of the owner’s shares are retailed during the succession process and gradually reduced as succession commences.
  • Estate planning – keep in mind that a Will is not the be all and end all. It’s important to create a plan that distributes your estate upon your death. As a result, this will ensure the value of your estate is retained and distributed as you wished.
  • Divorce advice – this is a valuable consideration for restructuring purposes.
  • Wealth planning – firstly, you have to build wealth over time. Secondly, you need a model that ties in with owner aspirations and capabilities. Thirdly, this is requires planning and re-assessing over time.
  • Wills – we advise clients about the importance of preparing a Will and appointing Enduring Powers of Attorney and Executors.
  • Life assurance – our aim is to ensure owners can continue running their business in all circumstances. In other words, Life Insurance is an important consideration, including death and trauma cover.
  • Risk management – we create Risk Management plans that are revised as circumstances change.


We all hope bad things won’t happen however the nature of life is that they can and do. As part of our accountancy service, we provide assistance when those unexpected things occur in order to reduce stress and identify a clear path forward. This includes advice about;

  • Damages, claims & economic loss
  • Litigation support, fraud & forensic accounting
  • Workers compensation issues
  • Redundancies
  • Insurance

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