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Mark Chong

CVW Accounting Senior Accountant Mark Chong


Senior Accountant


  • Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA)
  • Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting & Banking
  • More than 15 years accounting experience

As the CVW Accounting Senior Accountant I joined the team in 2010 after working for the high profile ‘Big 4’ chartered accounting firms in Perth.

Firstly, I specialise in retirement and succession planning. Secondly, I have firsthand experience in structuring trusts, corporate beneficiaries, unit trusts and setting up Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF).

I have an in-depth understanding of SIS (Superannuation Industry Supervision) related party acquisitions and transfers, capital gains, stamp duty and cash flow implications.

In addition, I have experience dealing with overseas Oil & Gas clients who need entities set up in Australia (as part of foreign subsidiary/branch). This means I am able to assist our clients with payroll requirements and draft contracts for employees/contractors. This service also includes financial analysis of localised price mark ups and profit margins.

With our overseas clients I provide advice on local Australian tax legislation. This includes residency rules and their tax implications. Plus how to deal with FBT issues such as LAHFA for employees who have been relocated.

Oh, and I have also assisted companies with applications for private tax rulings.

CVW Accounting is a place I can contribute to clients across the spectrum of my expertise as an accountant.

If you want to contact me directly you can email me here.




At my wits end, a friend and colleague introduced me to the CVW Group. My friend had been using Stephen Vining and his associates at CVW Group for a number of years, and was confident that they could help me. I had an extremely aged issue that a succession of previous accountants had borked at, and more recently, had advised me that it wasn’t in fact an issue. Until the ATO decided it was an issue, and were demanding 20 years of returns. At the same time threatening significant arrears payments, penalties and consequences.

The CVW guys talked me through the entire exercise. They located and retrieved the bulk of the information required on my behalf and guided me through securing the remainder of the information. Then they quickly gave me a sense of comfort and relief that this matter, a matter that had been hanging over my head for two decades, could indeed be sorted, brought to an end, and a sensible final position landed upon. In what was a relatively short time frame, they had my returns up to date, and had come to final and pleasing settlement position with the ATO on my behalf. I am eternal grateful to the guys at CVW for bringing this matter to conclusion. I had almost given up. The CVW Accounting team lifted a huge weight from my shoulders, and my mind.

Thank you guys. I cannot thank you enough!

Kind Regards


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