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What to buy an accountant for Christmas?

Christmas gift ideas for the accountant in your life

Some may find it challenging to think of just-the-right Christmas gift for an accountant, especially an accountant that has or seems to have everything.

But wait! Here at CVW Accounting we have put our heads together in order to assist clients, friends and family. In preparation for the coming festive season we donned Santa’s little helper-hats and created this interesting, quirky and perhaps thoughtful collection of Christmas gift ideas for consideration.

So here they are in no particular order and suggested by no specific CVW Accounting staff member 😉

An oldie but a goodie

Christmas gift idea for your accountant

Image source: https://www.pinterest. com.au/pin/202028733264598867/

An oldie but a goodie are coffee and tea mugs with accountant quotes. For example, some we have come across are;

‘It’s accrual world’

‘Accountant work their assets off’

‘I turn coffee into tax returns’

“Be audit you can be’


Music subscription

For the younger generation perhaps but not to be biased, this Christmas gift idea would suit an accountant who enjoys listening to music while they work. Using earphones at work is very common and more acceptable in the workplace these days. Who doesn’t enjoy listening to their favourite tunes to chill out or help to concentrate and focus?

Gift vouchers or gift cards for a music subscription can be purchased for a price to suit any budget. You can buy these online or at shops like Coles, Woolworths, K-Mart, Target and Big W. Depending on your accountant’s device or smartphone checkout Apple and Spotify.


A must buy if they haven’t already got one

For the accountant who doesn’t already have one of these, it’s a must have, must buy Christmas gift idea.

A USB numeric keypad. Yes, yes, most keyboards have a number keypad on them so why would this be useful? Well, for an accountant that visits clients on site or office, this would be a handy addition to the laptop for working remotely.


For the accountant who fancies themselves as a golfer

Watch their eyes light up when you give your accountant this Christmas gift, an executive golf putter set! There are a variety of sets available online, if you order now it should arrive in time for Christmas.

An ideal gift for taking a break in the office or fine tuning his or her short game at home.

You can even have them personalised with your accountant’s name – what a great idea.


Image source: https://www.thingiverse. com/thing:1767851

Engraved business card case

For the accountant that appreciates things being neat and orderly, this Christmas gift will suit perfectly.

A personalised business card case. Once again there are a variety of options available from the standard metal case to a leather version or even different types of carbon fibre – there are even some spring-loaded versions out there.



Christmas gift ideas

Have you come across any other really good gift ideas for an accountant? If so, please drop us a line and let us know so we can pass on the list to family and friends.

Have a safe and happy Christmas from all the team at CVW Accounting


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