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Preferred service provider – our tech services guy

Preferred Service Provider - tech services

The CVW Accounting team work closely with business owners and as such have developed a list of trusted and preferred service providers to be able to refer clients to.

If a client is in need of a quality service supplier, we have no hesitation in providing a recommendation.

One such preferred service provider is Keith Alderslade, who is a Senior Systems Consultant and our go-to tech services guy.

Keith has worked in the computing and software industry his entire and long-spanning career. In fact, at 17 years of age he was selected to become a programmer for The University of QLD’s administration department.

Tech services

The following tech services are provided to CVW clients;

  • Software Systems Analysis
  • Software design
  • Software programming, implementation & training
  • Custom software system design and manufacturing
  • System migration services
  • Specialising in D3, Universe, Unidata and their derivatives
  • Sale of IBM P-series machines & services
  • Training in Aix on behalf of IBM

Keith thoroughly enjoys the creativity of his work, the creation of new and custom systems, updating the old as well as the problem-solving and troubleshooting.

Preferred service provider technology services

“Back in the day, I remember migrating Perth’s Channel 9 system from Prime Information to an IBM server running Unidata. There was an overnight job that used to take 12 hours downloading Reuters news bulletins via satellite then indexing and cross referencing them. The boss there started it running and went to wash his coffee cup before leaving work. When he came back it had finished so he thought it had failed. He ran it again and watched it. It took 10-minutes, he checked the data and it was all there and completed correctly.”

Something you may not know about Keith

There are multiple facets to Keith.

If the swell is up Keith will be in the surf, otherwise you might find him at the gym.

He is a mad science nut, especially physics, quantum physics, cosmology and science fiction.

Keith is also a stage actor of more than 10 years, loves all forms dance from contemporary to popping and plays classic and flamenco guitar.

But, if you want to chat about something other than computer software, ask Keith about altered states of consciousness, meditation and the existential questions of life.

Preferred service provider contact

Touch base with Keith about your computer software needs, questions and tech services challenges. You can reach Keith on 9213 1900 or email at Keith.Alderslade@cvwgroup.com


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