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Business Management Advice


When it comes to business management, we believe owners need to analyse, plan and formulate financial strategies to help stay ahead of the game and have a positive influence on future profits.

Your future planning activities cover many aspects of your business from its structure, shareholders, cash flow or budget projections, future growth or acquisition strategies, customer profitability and product pricing strategies to plans that minimise risks and potential losses due to unforeseen circumstances.

With the help of our professionally trained and qualified accountants CVW Accounting work with you and your business to advance its financial position year-on-year through either;

  • a program of financial planning and monitoring services or
  • specific advice pertinent to your current circumstances

We also undertake special one-off projects to help with the financial aspects of negotiations and agreements or big changes such as a business sale or acquisition.

Below is a list of services and areas where we are able to provide you with expert advice.

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The nature of business changes, people move on, circumstance change and the industry or market changes. That’s why CVW Accounting endeavours to provide high level business support services.

Our qualified and experienced team can act as your company CFO or set-up and manage accounts using up-to-date accountancy services and systems.

Contact us today for a chat about services including;

  • CVW Accounting acting as your Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Accounting system selection & chart of accounts set-up
  • Preparation of management accounts – this is valuable to be able to report the ‘real’ and accurate operation of your business


We take a proactive approach to business growth and success. The CVW Accounting team are happy to visit you on site and spend time in your business. We get to know how you operate so we can provide accurate health checks and growth strategies.

Are you interested in;

  • Business health check
  • Business growth strategies & plans
  • Alternative business models

Contact us today to find out how we can help you plan for the future.


Burying your head in the sand about the financial future of your business means you will work harder and longer with no guarantee of success. The only way to prosper in business is to have an accurate picture of your finances now and into the future.

CVW Accounting are a proactive team of professionally trained and qualified tax accountants and tax agents with extensive experience in the following processes;

  • Budgeting & profit forecasting
  • Cash flow projections & reporting
  • Development of key performance indicators
  • Expense control
  • Asset accumulation – acquisition & growth
  • Asset protection & risk management
  • Benchmarking

If you have questions, contact us for a free, no obligation chat today!

CVW Accounting are your local tax accountant professionals.


Often a great idea will benefit from an unbiased and honest, third-party opinion. That’s where the knowledge and experience of the CVW Accounting team is invaluable.

We will tell it how it is, to make sure you have everything you need moving forward.

Are you looking for advice in the following areas;

  • Market appraisal and valuation for your business
    Do you have plans to expand into other markets AND have you considered all the components for such a move to be a success? Contact us for a no obligation chat to relieve your concerns and answer your questions.
  • Profit improvement analysis, planning & strategies
    We will assess what is working and what is not and – without the bells and whistles – as well as provide relevant, industry specific planning and strategic advice tailored for your business.
  • Customer profitability analysis
    Have you worked out where that majority of your profit lies? Do you know how to assess control factors when it comes to your profitability? CVW Accounting have the experience and are happy to share our knowledge so, drop us a line today.
  • Pricing strategies
    Different markets and different products require different price levels based on factors like location, processing and quality. That’s why, CVW Accounting assess each business differently when it comes to pricing strategies.
    To pick our financial brains, contact us for a chat.
  • Product pricing reviews
    It’s important to consider increases or discounts in relation to margins as well as to plan to relook at pricing every six months. We work closely with clients like you, to get into the practice of reviewing pricing based on relevant, business specific factors.
  • New product feasibility studies
    If you are thinking of introducing a new product or range, it’s vital to consider how much you will sell and at what cost? Is it worth introducing that range or specialising in an existing product? From accounting terms, we analyse all the options for clients first, to ensure success and profitability.


From an accounting perspective there are a multitude of factors to consider in relation to borrowing funds.

Refinancing advice

It can often be beneficial to take advantage of changing interest rates or changing business circumstances. If you have question, drop us a line.

Business overdrafts & loans advice

Does your business need an overdraft and if so, what level of overdraft? There are a variety of loan alternates available and in providing you advice we always take into account finance company reviews, that occur every 12months. For transparent and proactive lending advice, contact us for a chat.

Loan application paperwork support & lender appraisal

When providing advice, CVW Accounting always look at lending with tax and risk perspective in mind. If it’s what works, we will complete your loan paperwork from an accounting perspective and assist with lending options tailored for individual circumstances.


When looking for a loan we can assist you with future planning to substantiate your lending request and ensure it’s the most relevant to your business. For the best lending terms, consider having a chat with one of our qualified accountants.

Review financial aspects and terms of contracts

Not only will we provide an overview of financial aspects of contract terms, CVW Accounting will also consider and pose the questions that may impact your business success.

Personal guarantees

Typically, advising clients to act as a personal guarantor is a no-go zone. We are happy to discuss the reasons why so, drop in for a chat.

Chattel mortgages and lending

To maximise your GST claim, have you considered paying the GST off over the period of the loan? If not, contact us for a free, no obligation chat.

Motor vehicle leasing or hire purchase advice

What is the best tax effective option based on your circumstances? Our friendly, experienced staff are happy to discuss leasing and hire-purchase options.


Are you seeking advice about purchasing property through your business?

CVW Accounting take a holistic approach. We take the time to get to know your business and how you operate. This means we have the success of your business in mind when providing property specific advice.

  • Property & purchasing options
    It makes a difference to take into account the deposit, loan capabilities, repayments capabilities and which entity owns the property when considering purchasing property. For more information and advice tailored to your business, drop in for a chat today.
  • Premises – building, purchasing or leasing
    There are various options and consideration to be discussed when deciding between building, purchasing or leading for example, one option may be better suited to your specific circumstances. We look at the big picture when providing advice including current market trends and property values.
  • Operating leases advice
    Before entering into an operating or financial lease it’s wise to consider which is the best option for your business in relation to taxation and asset protection.

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CVW Accounting is a reasonable, highly experienced accounting firm, based in East Perth. We work with small to medium businesses to maximise growth and profit.

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