Christmas spending

Christmas spending tips

CVW Accounting
Published December 17, 2020

Tis the season

Christmas is a time of year for overdosing on time with family and friends, enjoying the warm weather and for many, not having to go to work – happy dance, happy dance!

Some may experience stress and overwhelm about purchasing gifts, over-spending and even what to do with unwanted gifts from Christmas day.

We asked the CVW Accounting team about their Christmas spending tips.

Christmas spending tips from Stephen

Here are some tips from our Managing Director Stephen Vining.

Remember to return unwanted gifts promptly. In other words within 14-days. This will reduce your Christmas credit card debt plus, by doing so, you will be just in time for New Year sales!

Businesses must remember to invoice early as many people are away for holidays and more than likely invoices will be paid last.

So, plan now to ensure there is sufficient cash flow to get past the Christmas hump because wages, rent and suppliers must still be paid.

More spending tips

The CVW Accounting team found these handy Christmas spending tips;

  • making a list that includes gifts and food so you don’t run out of time and/or forget something or someone
  • doing your research to find bargains, cheaper prices online or online auction websites
  • using reward points to make purchases
  • buy less expensive items first so you don’t lose perspective on what is a reasonable price
  • set a gift limit or consider KrisKindle as an option to save time and money
  • limit the time you spend shopping to avoid burn out or overwhelm and track you spending
  • getting creative if your budget is a little tight this year

This tip is a great idea and something most can relate to – getting creative. For example, baking up a storm and giving the gift of food or giving an experience or a personal coupon they can redeem at another time. For loved ones that are far away, create a Christmas video to share with loved ones.

All great ideas and easy ways to add a personal touch to giving and sharing this holiday season.

Something else to consider

Another tip that jumped out is giving to those less fortunate. This could include volunteering at a shelter or giving something others may need over the Christmas period, like your blood.

If you are really organised and already have your Christmas shopping and preparation done then ‘Congratulations!’ It’s time for you to put your feet up, avoid the busy Christmas shopping period and starting planning and saving for next year.

From the CVW Accounting team we wish you and your family a safe and Merry Christmas filled with laughter and love.


This Christmas blog was first published in December 2020 and is regularly reviewed and updated – most recently in September 2023.

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